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Switching control unit



 Customer comments

   [sfx] has provided me with a solution to a problem that I never thought would get solved.

   My dream fx rig involves splitting the high and low frequencys using a crossover, and treating them separately using various effects I then wanted the option to turn each band of frequencies on and off and also have a muting system so I can cue sounds and lines on headphones in a improvised live situation.

   Through the consultation process [sfx] found out exactly what I needed and double and triple checked that this was what I wanted. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted but [sfx] made several suggestions that I would never of thought of on my own these ultimately improved the unit that was eventually made. [sfx] emailed me schematics and diagrams of the unit before going into production this gave me the chance to be sure what would be made would be to my liking.

   The quality of the finished unit is phenomenal. It looks great, has incredibly solid construction and is in the smallest chassis that it could possibly be in, saving valuable space on my board.

   As for sound quality/integrity the unit is second to none. Myself and the engineer I'm working with have checked (using our ears and PAZ analyser) the difference in signal between that goes in and comes out and there is absolutely NO difference. This is exactly what I wanted and is incredible considering the unit contains several discrete amplification stages and buffers.

   Through sfx sound thorough consultation process, massive electronic knowledge and sound construction skills I am very close to achieving bass fx Nirvana!

- Harry Richardson, UK